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Our Governance

The Circle Trust will always hold governance in the highest esteem. As a Trust, we will always act in the best interests of our children and young people.

Our Local Advisory Boards

An essential core value held by The Circle Trust is the belief that schools should be run by, and their improvement driven by, their staff led by their Leadership Team and Local Advisory Board (LAB). 

As a result, the Trustees delegate some of their powers and functions with regard to the leadership and performance of each school in the Trust to the school’s LAB.   In fact, a LAB is a sub-committee of the Trustees.   The Trustees have the legal accountability for the operation and performance of all schools in the Trust and for any decisions taken under delegated authority.   Therefore, all Local Advisors act in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation, policies, and procedures of the Trust.

The Local Advisory Board (LAB) therefore is responsible for their school and for promoting high standards.  The LAB aims to ensure that children and young people are attending a successful school, which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.   All Local Advisory Boards must be a min. of 8 of whom two must be elected parents. 

Click to view: Local Advisor Code of Conduct l The Circle Trust’s Skills Questionnaire

Here are our Local Advisory Boards

Emmbrook Infant School
Kate Benson – Local Advisory Board Chair

Emmbrook Junior School
Christine Mitchell – Local Advisory Board Chair