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Our Core Offer

The Circle Trust has a strong theorised model of improvement; we set the conditions to support the quality of education systematically. As a Trust we can scale improvement, reduce professionals’ workload, and improve the quality of provision.

Our Core Offer

Our core offer is the collection of services that the Trust provides for all schools equally.  The core offer is funded through the central service contribution.  This allows for deployment of financial resources for school improvement which adds more value than any school can achieve on their own.   An essential value of our Trust is to maintain maximum funds in school and therefore decisions about the content of the core offer face the dual tests of best value for money decisions as well as ensuring that it provides the highest quality of service.  The ambition for the core offer is to ensure it serves the needs of schools and therefore is reviewed annually.  The core offer is determined so that it serves the Trust’s vision statement which is:

The Circle Trust believes that all children and young people deserve to have an excellent well-rounded education and to flourish in first rate schools with the best teaching, the best facilities and the most up to date resources made available to them.

This core offer is certainly more than the sum of its parts!  The Circle Trust is not a separate entity (it isn’t a mini-Local Authority) running schools but rather a group of schools that constitute the Trust, we together are The Circle Trust!  All schools in The Circle Trust are both the givers and receivers of support.  This means that everyone can enjoy not only the services set out in this document but rely on the support garnered from professionals working in fellowship and support of one another wanting the very best educational outcomes for all children and young people in all our schools.  The Circle Trust is an example of our professional generosity one with another.

The core offer is curated to support improving the quality of education.  School improvement is a great deal more than the improvement of learning and teaching and consequential improvement of educational outcomes albeit that this is always the most critical part!  It also involves every part and way that a school is run as an organization.  A school’s improvement can be as simple and complex as needing to be full.  So marketing and prudent financial management is key.  Equally the management of risk and health and safety, statutory compliance and capital investments etc. are as an important mainstay of schools improving as the principles of curriculum design are.  Therefore, our core offer provides support for all the main operational and strategic functions of schools.

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How we help...
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Advice, support and oversight of finance procedures. Guidance on required reports and finance timetable. Audit, filing accounts and reporting to the DfE is carried out by our Trust (individual schools do not need to do this).

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HR and payroll

Advice, support and oversight of HR and payroll procedures. Guidance on required reports and processing timetable. Payroll is run at Trust level.

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Facilities management

Advice and guidance on reactive maintenance issues, regular health & safety audits, monitoring of required regular testing. Advice and guidance on all site related contracts.

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Preparation and Support for Leaders and Governance.

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Governance Support

Advice, guidance and support on websites, social media, promotional videos and printed media

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School Improvement

A comprehensive, ambitious and collaborative approach to school improvement

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Legal Advice

advice and guidance to deliver compliance in schools

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Admissions Support

Own admission authority providing, quick supportive process

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Support, guidance & oversight

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advice, guidance and support on websites, social media, printed media and promotional videos.

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Data Management

Advice, guidance and audit to ensure schools are compliant with all aspects of data protection. Support for use of GDPRis. Advice, support and oversight of MIS.

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IT support

Advice, support and guidance on the technical aspects of hardware, networking, cloud based collaborative tools and best practice with regards to data protection and security.

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