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Joining Us

The Circle Trust is part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) forming a collaboration of local schools that have shared values and share an essential common ethos and vision for education and learning, as encapsulated in our values – each with their own unique identity, at the heart of the community.

Are You Interested In Joining The Circle Trust?

We seek schools to join The Circle Trust who are sympathetic to our vision, values and way of working and will expand the Trust only when we have the proven capacity to do so.  We believe there is wisdom in geographically clustered schools to facilitate and benefit from our Trust’s shared functions and school to school support. 

Our fundamental view remains that preserving the unique identity and ethos for all schools is essential, but we are far more than a collection of individual schools working nicely together. 

We act with exacting due diligence when exploring new partnerships with schools.  We acknowledge that due diligence is a two-way process.  As such, schools exploring joining our Trust will be provided detailed information about the processes, financial arrangements and structures of our Trust.  In turn, our primary purpose of due diligence is to obtain sufficient information about any school for The Circle Trust and make an informed decision whether the transfer should go ahead. 

In our Trust we will always behave in a respectful and positive way to future partner schools ensuring confidentiality throughout the process.  All due diligence will be conducted in a sensitive manner to engage and maintain effective professional working practice. 

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Our History
Established in 2018, The Circle Trust was borne out of a desire that all children and young people have an excellent well-rounded education and flourish in first-rate schools where the best teaching, the best facilities and the most up-to-date resources are made available to them.
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Our Vision and Values
All of our work always “circles back” to our core purpose, which is to improve education for the public benefit and especially for the children and young people for who we are responsible.
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What are Multi Academy Trusts?
Our Trust brings tangible benefits in working together for the benefit of children and young people, their families and staff that could not be achieved working alone.
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How is our trust governed?
As a single legal entity, our Trust is hardwired for collaboration and shared accountability; all schools are crucially connected, and we learn from each other. Trustees take the ultimate legal responsibility and accountability for our Trust; they act equally for all and depend on the insight and high ambition for their school from Local Advisory Boards.
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Benefits to joining a MAT
By working together, we become more than the sum of our parts and a great deal more than any one school could achieve alone.
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Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to know more about The Circle Trust, please contact us via