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Welcome from the Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of The Circle Trust I am delighted to welcome you to our website.

Welcome from the Chief Executive Officer

The Circle Trust is not a franchise model requiring schools to work in a regulated and specific way, far from it!  Instead we emphasise the real rewards of a school-led improvement system where there are significant benefits that can be achieved by working together.  We understand how to manage the balance between effective and efficient common systems whilst ensuring that the individual character and ethos of different schools is maintained.

We work in a very transparent way, where schools have the opportunity to influence and their views are taken into account.  As a trust we are rooted in this approach and our ambition is clear; to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people.

Our name “The Circle Trust” symbolically reflects features of this Multi-Academy Trust.  It is a name that is deliberately neutral and without association of a specific school, educational phase, school type or local place.  The circle gives a pictorial sense of inclusivity, which can naturally expand, with the overlapping circles in our logo depicting our desire to collaborate.

Our Trust is a community of schools that have shared values and share an essential common ethos and vision for education and learning, as encapsulated in our values.  These values drive our behaviour, decision making and ambitions:

  • The highest educational outcomes for every learner is paramount
  • Preserving the unique identity and ethos of all partner schools is essential
  • To be anything but utterly inclusive is non-negotiable
  • Being self-reflective is essential in encouraging innovation, our Trust is always driven to improve further
  • We value strong clear moral purposed leadership
  • We depend on recruiting, retaining and professionally developing members of staff who are ambitious for all children and young peoples’ futures
  • Our Trust promotes collaborating with others and being outward looking

Our stewardship of public funds and resources will always be open to scrutiny and above reproach. Our Trust wholly accepts our educational, legal and moral duties.  In essence, our Trust is accountable to schools and schools accountable to the Trust.

Ginny Rhodes
Chief Executive Officer