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Benefits to joining a MAT

By working together, we become more than the sum of our parts and a great deal more than any one school could achieve alone.

Benefits To Joining A MAT

Naturally, leaders in schools will assess what are the benefits and challenges of becoming an academy and joining a MAT.  For each school this will be a nuanced and individual process.   The information below highlights the most common issues that arise during this process.

Autonomy of choice
Although all schools are encouraged through government policy to become academies, there is not an absolute requirement to do so.  Governing bodies may choose to join (or not!) a specific MAT.   In this case the governing body and School’s Leadership Team (SLT) are able to and should carefully interrogate all potential MATs so that they have a secure understanding about the MAT’s strategy and values, governance arrangements, scheme of delegation and core offer of services and support.  As mentioned earlier perhaps the most important element here is how good is the MAT in terms of “fit” for vision and ethos.

More efficient and effective allocation of funds
In the current economic period, schools need to scrutinize best value for money and which services will be provided that are commensurate with the central service contribution. 

They should also understand if there is a transparent and fair process of determining the fee over time.

School improvement advice and strategy from school practitioners
Arguably this is the greatest potential advantage of a MAT, as it should facilitate genuine professional peer support and guidance.

Opportunity to access capital bids
Through a MAT there is the opportunity to bid for capital improvements for all schools via the ESFA

Review of admission arrangements
There is opportunity to review admission arrangements and admission numbers.

Retention and opportunity for staff across the MAT
Talented staff can be given additional opportunity for progression across the MAT which may help retain their skills and abilities.

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