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The Circle Trust Press Release

On 1st February 2018 St Crispin’s will join with Nine Mile Ride Primary school to be the founder schools in an all-through Multi-Academy Trust to serve Wokingham and the surrounding area. The founding principle of this new Trust is focused on setting structures to provide the very best educational opportunities and outcomes for all students by drawing on expertise across the educational phases. A key principle of our Trust will be to allow both schools and any future schools who join to retain and celebrate their own unique identity and ethos.

The Trust is named “The Circle Trust.” We chose this name as it symbolically reflects the approach, the way of working indeed the ethos of how our Trust will operate. It is a name that is deliberately neutral and without association of a specific school. In our Trust we know it is important to treat every school as individual and unique and feel strongly that a name shouldn’t therefore be connected to a single institution. One of our core values is that of being inclusive and so we wanted our name to encapsulate all sorts of schools whatever their type or phase are welcome to join. Our logo’s circles give a pictorial sense of inclusivity, which can naturally expand, with the overlapping circles depict our desire to collaborate.

The Circle Trust’s vision is that all children and young people deserve to have an excellent well-rounded education and to flourish in first-rate schools where the best teaching, the best facilities and the most up-to-date resources are made available to them.

On 19th January children and young people from Nine Mile Ride Primary School and St Crispin’s Secondary School gathered to celebrate the conversion of both schools to academisation and the creation of The Circle Trust.

Executive Headteacher, The Circle Trust Ginny Rhodes said:

“I am delighted to celebrate the official opening of The Circle Trust, the heart of our Trust is to improve the educational outcomes for children and young people and to be a Trust that is built for and committed to serve the local community.”

Ali Brown, Headteacher of Nine Mile Ride said:

‘This is a wonderful day for the pupils and staff of both Nine Mile Ride Primary and St Crispin’s and I am thrilled to be part of a Trust that is committed to securing the best possible education and experiences for all our pupils and young people.