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Squaring the Circle

On Thursday 13th June 2019, The Circle Trust held a special event called “Squaring the Circle”. 

Special guest speakers included Musharaf Asghar, from the Educating Yorkshire programme to speak across all schools. Musharaf’s experience of overcoming a debilitating stammer reflects how education and our time at school truly makes a difference.

Dame Kate Dethridge, Regional School Commissioner was also a special guest. Prior to her current job, Kate was a Headteacher for 18 years who ran an outstanding school in Reading. In 2016, she completed a book about early years teaching and leadership.

Executive Headteacher Ginny Rhodes said:

“The Circle Trust calls this annual governance event “Squaring the Circle!” not only because of our love of a pun but because to square a circle is a mathematical task that is considered impossible.  In our Trust we seek to inspire by showing children and young people that they can be successful despite challenges being seemingly impossible and Musharaf exemplifies this in every way.”

Chair of Trustees Andrew Beckett said:

“One of the key values of The Circle Trust is to be utterly inclusive, and so Musharaf’s inspiring story of how he overcame his challenges will be a great inspiration to the members, trustees and local advisors who lead the governance within the Trust. Our aim is to provide the very best outcomes for children and young people in the Wokingham area, and this event is a perfect opportunity for us to learn from both the speakers and from each other as the family grows to 5 schools.”