IT support

IT support – What does The Circle Trust offer me?

• SIMS and related software – advice, support and guidance on the technical aspects of running a management information system such as SIMS. Guidance and support with the upgrade processes and tasks associated with SIMS.
• Hardware – advice, support and guidance on the procurement and provision of new hardware such as laptops, desktop PCs and servers. Guidance on both wireless and wired networking within a school environment.
• Office365/Cloud based options – advice, support and guidance on implementing and using cloud based collaborative tools. Guidance on transitioning from on-premise email to cloud based email, if this is the right solution for you.
• Data protection/security/e-safety – advice, support and guidance on best practises with regards to computer/mobile device usage when dealing with sensitive personal data. Guidance on content filtering and monitoring to ensure that safeguarding needs are met.

Stuart Felton

IT Manager