Finance and Facilities support

Finance and Facilities support – What does The Circle Trust offer me?

The Circle Trust can support with the oversight of:

• Budget principles, construction and monitoring
• Value for money procurement systems
• Provision of insurance
• Bank account monitoring
• Statutory reporting
• Audit, filing accounts, reporting to the DfE (individual schools do not need to do this)
• Payroll set up and monitoring


HR and payroll – advice, support and oversight of:

• TUPE process
• Staffing structure and equal pay advice
• Job descriptions and person specification
• Recruitment and retention strategies
• Contracts
• Performance Related Pay (PRP) advice
• Performance management advice
• Performance management of Headteachers on behalf of the Trust and in support of LABs

Facilities management

• Health & safety audit
• Monitoring of regular testing – Legionella, PAT, fire alarm and extinguishers, emergency lighting, water coolers, regular equipment checks for workshops, playground equipment
• Set up and monitoring of cleaning contract and hygiene services
• Advice and monitoring of grounds maintenance contract
• Advice and monitoring of refuse contract
• Advice and monitoring of utilities contracts
• Reactive maintenance advice and guidance


Debra Briault

Chief Financial Officer