Data Management support

Data Management – What does The Circle Trust offer me?

• School Information Management System – advice, support and oversight of SIMS. Guidance on statutory data collection, reports and best practice when using the software. Support the induction training of new to SIMS schools and also new staff in current SIMS schools. Advice and support on recording of Post-16 and Pupil Premium information to ensure accurate reporting for funding purposes.

• Termly school census – advice, support and oversight of school census creation and submission to DFE to ensure accuracy of information. Termly census ‘health check’ to ensure data held is good for purpose. Provide key dates and up to date information in relation to the census process.

• School Improvement support – advice and guidance on collecting and analysing assessment and examination data. Advice and guidance on monitoring progress and reporting to parents/carers.

• Data Protection – advice, guidance and audit to ensure schools are compliant with all aspects of data protection including archiving and disposal of student records and attendance data.

Katrina Devereux

Data and Admissions Manager